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Spiritual Protection - Tools to Protect Your Being

It’s no secret that this physical world can be a scary place. Whether you’re overwhelmed with your work, challenging relationships, or even the sink hole that is the internet and social media - there is good reason to want to run and hide from the chaos. There are a multitude of beneficial self-care practices that we can all implement into our lives to reduce negativity and stress, but what options do we have when negative energy is outward, funneling in? When you’re feeling like you can’t simply “avoid” the stress, fear, or anxiety in your life, it may be time to find spiritual support by using other tools.


These ancient relics hold raw, Earth energy, and have been used for protection for centuries. Crystals can be called upon to ward off toxicity, and can be a gentle reminder to avoid spiraling into negative thought. Here’s a few of our favorites:

  • Quartz - for deflecting negative energy and attracting positivity

  • Black Jade - for tapping into your intuition, and avoiding negative people

  • Tiger’s Eye - for protection and grounding, and invitation of abundance

  • Black Tourmaline - a bold and powerful stone, used for clearing negativity from the body, home and workspace.

Try choosing a collection of at least four crystals in alignment with your needs, and creating a crystal grid. Often crystals are placed in a circle, star shape, or mandala- choose the shape that speaks to you. Place your crystals in their grid and speak your intuition out loud. Leave them out in your home so they are visible to you often.

If you’re looking for something simple to keep with you anytime, try wearing a crystal as a piece of jewelry, or even an evil eye in the color blue. Its blue hue is known to invite good karma and protection into your life.


Smudging is the act of burning a bundle of dried herbs or other Earthly elements to cleanse a space. Start by lighting the corner of one of the items listed below, and allow the natural smoke to penetrate your space. You can even cleanse yourself or others by allowing the smoke to circulate around the body.

  • Dried Sage - to cleanse surrounding energy and soothe stress

  • Cedar - to release lingering, negative memories

  • Dried Rosemary - to symbolize new beginnings, and a fresh start

  • Palo Santo- to invite prosperity and love into your home and life

Take time to tune into your intuition when choosing your amulet, and choose a piece that calls to you. These pieces and rituals can support you in finding calm, grounding, and protection in your life. Utilize these resources to help you embrace the power and goodness within.

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