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How to Use Our "Self Love" Crystal Mist Spray!

Self Love Crystal Infused Mist

Self Love is a delicate, rose-scented mist we recommend using as a facial or body spray. Within its bottle, you’ll notice a number of small Rose Quartz stones. This stone is the crystal of unconditional love and self care, and assists in healing emotional wounds with compassion. It also physically aids in circulation and heart health.The color of Rose Quartz organically lends a hand in romance and charm. Let this product guide you into a love affair with your inner self.

How to Use:

Fully cleanse your face or body - we even recommend using a scrub to remove any leftover residue on the skin. After a shower or washing your face, gently spray yourself with Self Love. Enjoy a natural boost of romance, loving awareness for your own being for those around you.

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